Bad Credit Catalogues Reviewed

Well the great news is I’ve now reviewed various ‘catalogues for bad credit’ (its an unimaginative name but it works!) and you’ll find them on this site.

For now they are just quick over-views of the various catalogues I’ve picked as being suitable for those of us with less than perfect credit ūüėČ

I’ll be giving me in-depth reviews later, looking at their credit facilities, interest rates, if they do anything fancy such as debt consolidation etc.

One thing I’ve noticed about most of these catalogues, and you’ll probably be sick of me saying so in almost every review, is that most of them offer a 14 day guarantee – if you don’t open the packaging? How on earth are you going to know if you need to return something if you don’t open it? I don’t consider that a guarantee at all.

Anyway, enjoy reading – and don’t forget, you’re welcome to post your own reviews!

Do you know of any other catalogues suitable for people with bad credit? Let me know and I’ll go review them too!

Update, I’ve turned off the posting because of spam. Please send your catalogue reviews in by email!

Something I forgot to mention but which is very important:

When I review a catalogue for bad credit I do so honestly and without favor

There’s a few other websites out there that are similar to this one but they don’t really do reviews, they just try to send you directly to the catalogues credit section to sign up.

They do this because they earn money, which is perfectly fine and we all have to make a living somehow. However please be aware is different!

We (OK, I) just tell it like it is – and will only post other people’s review that are just as honest and unbiased.

For example you will notice that I don’t directly link to the catalogues, or their credit section. Instead I just give you the link you need to go and visit, browser through the catalogue’s offerings and see what you think.

These catalogues DO NOT pay to be featured here, and I don’t earn anything from these reviews. I just do this because I think someone should do, because it can be hard to find these catalogues normally. There’s few things worse than finding something you really like, being told they offer easy credit terms, and all that, and then you realise it’s not in the UK anyway!

Even if they did let you shop there, the cost of postage could undo any good you get from using that catalogue.

Instead I only offer you reviews of catalogues for people with bad credit, that are in the UK. That’s how you want it and certainly what I was looking for when I started. Catalogues can be really handy and convenient, and often with better credit facilities than you can get in the high street (if only because everything is done via mail, so they couldn’t ask for cash if they wanted to!).

It’s a great way to shop if you need to rebuild your credit score, stretch your money and get some really nice stuff, often more interesting or stylish than you’ll find in the shops.

Let’s face it, nearly all the high streets in the UK now look the same, with the same brand names everywhere. Catalogues make life and shopping more interesting, as well as being great for people with poor or bad credit. Have fun and please do send in your reviews and experience with these catalogues!

What exactly are Catalogues for Bad Credit?

Several catalogue suppliers are usually happy to allow purchases from people who have an unhealthy or perhaps even negative credit score, enabling enough credit to suit your needs.

¬†Typically these kinds of organizations simply¬†demand that you’re not actually in¬†a bankruptcy proceeding right now, and that you also possess some kind of wage or income. “Fast credit” catalogues provide you with “unsecured” finance, that means the credit isn’t getting your property or anything at all at risk. This kind of finance¬†can easily provide you with the funding to build up a good, positive credit history again, while also enabling you to grab important or much-needed items.

These kinds of catalogues enable you to obtain merchandise from their brochure, even though most shops would refuse you if you walked through the door and asked. So you’re getting fast credit¬†and surfing the net,¬†which is a lot more¬†convenient! ¬†

Currently our favorite instant-credit catalogues¬†looks to be¬†Fingerhut, which provides a large number of goodies which include electronic devices, family things, pretty much everthing you can think of. The bad news is they’re only available for Americans (boo!), so we’ll be sniffing out catalogues for UK shoppers only.

Now and again they might demand a downpayment¬†for especially¬†expensive merchandise. They are, needless to say, going to demand you keep up with your monthly payments. Most of these organizations typically demand higher rates of interest should you not keep up with your payments. Just like anywhere else really. Nonetheless, as opposed to big creditors, you’re not normally saddled with any yearly fees.

Catalogues for Bad Credit?

Welcome to Catalogues for Bad Credit dot com!

We’ll be looking at a variety of catalogues, the good, the bad, and the ugly!